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Shakira - Objection (Tango)

Objection (Tango)

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It's not her fault that she's so irresistibleBut all the damage she's caused isn't fixableEvery twenty seconds you repeat her nameBut when it comes to me you don't careIf I'm alive or dead, so[Chorus:]ObjectionI don't want to be the exceptionTo get a bit of your attentionI love you for free,And i'm not your motherBut you don't even botherObjectionI'm tired of this triangleGot dizzy dancing tangoI'm falling apart in your hands againNo wayI've got to get awayNext to her cheap silicone I look minimalThat's why in front of your eyes I'm invisibleBut you've got to know small things also countBetter put your feet on the groundAnd see what it's about, so[Chorus (with a slight change)]?- The angles of this triangle ?-I wish there was a chance forYou and meI wish you couldn't find a placeto be away from meThis is patheticAnd sardonicAnd sadisticAnd psychoticTango is not for threeWas never meant to beBut you can try itRehearse itOr train like a horseBut don't you count on meDon't you count on me boy[Chorus]

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